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Yan Liu

Senior Associate

Patent Attorney

Working Language

Japanese, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Master of Science in Computer Science and Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

With a decade of experience in practicing intellectual property law, Yan has become a seasoned professional. Over the years, she has successfully managed close to 1,000 cases, handling Office Actions and responses. Her expertise spans various aspects of patent law, including reexamination, administrative litigation of patent disputes, and proficiency in PPH procedures. One of her key strengths lies in conducting accurate and reliable invalid prospect analysis, which has greatly satisfied her clientele.

Her areas of specialization are diverse, encompassing tires, automobile-related components, electronic components, gas turbines, optical fibers, and more. This breadth of knowledge has allowed her to cater to a wide range of clients with distinct needs. Organized and diligent, she possesses excellent work habits, enabling her to effectively tackle complex and trivial tasks alike. Having spent five years in Japan, she has developed a deep understanding of Japanese thinking and working habits.

Beyond her professional achievements, she manages to strike a balance between work and personal interests. During her spare time, she indulges in her passions for music, succulent planting, and handicrafts, which rejuvenate her spirits and further fuel her dedication to excellence in her career.

Practice Focus

Software Technology

Computer Science


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