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Xuan Wang


Patent Attorney

Working Language

English, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Design and Theory

Meet Xuan, an accomplished patent attorney whose expertise lies at the intersection of mechanical ingenuity and technological innovation. With an ardor for her craft, Xuan’s specialization encompasses a diverse spectrum within the mechanical field, spanning mechanical engineering processes, vehicle architectures, drive trains, engines, and medical devices, among others. Additionally, her proficiency extends to the intricate domains of semiconductors, mechanical electronic control, and the cutting-edge realm of autopilot control in vehicles.

With an illustrious career spanning nearly a decade within the intellectual property arena, Xuan’s impact is as tangible as it is profound. Her prowess is evident in her impressive annual achievements—overseeing the completion of nearly 100 new applications and skillfully addressing more than 150 office actions each year. Xuan’s well of experience is both deep and wide, embracing the full gamut of responsibilities from providing expert advice and insightful proposals to adeptly responding to intricate office actions and orchestrating requests for PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway).

Central to Xuan’s professional ethos is her unwavering commitment to striking a delicate equilibrium between the speed of application processing and the paramountcy of application quality. Her approach is characterized by an unyielding dedication to exerting every effort and striving for excellence in every facet of her work, all with the primary aim of magnifying the rights and privileges of her valued clients.

Practice Focus

Mechanical Manufacture



Electrical and Electricity

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