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Lingyu Tian

Senior Associate

Patent Attorney

Working Language

Japanese, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Ms. Tian, a seasoned patent agent with nearly 7 years of dedicated experience in the field. Specializing in Japanese patent representation, Ms. Tian boasts fluency in Japanese and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of patent application and examination procedures. Her expertise shines particularly in the realms of chemistry and materials, where she navigates cases with finesse and precision.

Ms. Tian's responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of tasks, including translation and proofreading of new applications, facilitating PPH applications, conveying and responding to examination opinions, handling reexaminations and invalidations, and managing public opinions.

As a patent attorney, Ms. Tian not only possesses a profound comprehension of patent law and intellectual property protection but also embodies resilience in delving into intricate details. Moreover, she exemplifies a client-centric approach and strong communication skills, striving to provide the most professional and comprehensive service for each case. Her dedication lies in safeguarding her clients' valuable innovations and intellectual property.

Outside the realm of patents, Ms. Tian finds joy in the meticulous art of model assembly, particularly in the realm of keyboard construction. She revels in the satisfaction of building keyboards from scratch, showcasing her penchant for precision and craftsmanship beyond the professional sphere.

Practice Focus

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