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Lian Ao


Patent Attorney

Working Language

Japanese, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Bachelor of Engineering in Thermal and Power Engineering

Meet Lian, an accomplished patent attorney with extensive experience in the field. With a primary focus on mechanical engineering and electronic engineering, Lian possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in these domains.

Before joining CN-KnowHow, Lian had the privilege of working with a prominent Japanese corporation. This invaluable experience provided her with rich insights into the Japanese market and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of Japanese clients. Lian’s expertise in serving Japanese clients sets her apart, allowing her to deliver high-quality, localized services to her Japanese-speaking clientele.

Throughout her career, Lian has handled a wide range of patent applications, examination proceedings, and patent invalidation cases. Her vast portfolio includes over 1000 cases, demonstrating her proficiency in managing complex patent matters. Lian’s meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure that her clients’ inventions and innovations receive the highest level of protection.

Lian’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her legal expertise. She prioritizes building strong client relationships, understanding each client’s unique goals, and tailoring her services accordingly. Her dedication to providing personalized attention and guidance ensures that her clients receive tailored solutions that align with their business objectives.

Practice Focus

Mechanical Manufacture

Power Transmission

Thermodynamic Engineering


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