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Huigai Cao


Patent Attorney

Working Language

English, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

Transitioning from a translator to an accomplished Patent Attorney at CN-KnowHow, Huigai’s career spans seven enriching years. Her prowess extends across a diverse array of fields, ranging from mechanics to communication and even aviation. This breadth of expertise empowers her to adeptly craft new applications, meticulously draft responses to Office Actions, and offer comprehensive customer service that leaves a lasting impact.

Amid the triumphs and accomplishments, Cao Huigai acknowledges the presence of challenges that punctuate her journey. In response, she embraces patience and a perpetual learning mindset. Her hunger for knowledge extends even into domains as cutting-edge as AI and computer control, reflecting her commitment to staying at the forefront of her ever-evolving field.

Away from the rigors of her profession, Cao Huigai is an ardent baking enthusiast. Her passion for creating delectable treats in the kitchen is paralleled by her love for nurturing plant life. Spending weekends tending to her small piece of land, she cultivates vegetables like beans, peanuts, maize, and sweet potatoes. While these endeavors demand dedication and hard work, they offer her a unique sense of rejuvenation, infusing her with renewed energy as she approaches her work with zest.

In Cao Huigai, we find a beacon of unwavering dedication, a tenacious learner, and a compassionate mother. Her journey encapsulates the essence of balance, showcasing that a fulfilling personal life can harmoniously coexist with a thriving professional career.

Practice Focus

Automobile Engineering


Communication Electronics


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