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Da Luo


Patent Attorney

Working Language

English, Mandarin

Education and Academics

Introducing Mr. Luo, a dedicated professional immersed in the intricate world of patent law since 2015. With a focus on international patent affairs, Mr. Luo has meticulously crafted over 400 new patent applications and diligently responded to more than 1000 office actions. His expertise extends beyond mere application drafting, as he has adeptly handled various aspects of patent reexaminations, invalidity analyses, infringement cases, and litigation matters.

In the realm of patent representation, Mr. Luo embodies a blend of complexity and precision. Armed with a profound understanding of patent law, he champions a staunch commitment to service excellence. His work ethic is marked by a steadfast dedication to meticulousness and to detail, ensuring each case is handled with utmost quality and efficiency, thus delivering unparalleled service to his clients.

Beyond the realm of patents, Mr. Luo finds solace and rejuvenation in simple pleasures. Whether it's embarking on a leisurely hike, engaging in a spirited game of ball, or immersing himself in the melodic strains of music, he finds joy in unwinding and embracing the beauty of life.

Practice Focus

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